Large Plumeria tree
Large Plumeria tree

Wholesale Plumeria .com is┬álocated in Sunny Southern California. We have over 120 different varieties of plumeria and growing. We are always searching for new varieties. We have over 200 Plumeria trees in the ground.If you are looking for as few as 50 plumeria cuttings for your small farmers market or flea market business we can help. If you are looking for 1000’s of plumeria cuttings for your nursery business, we can provide them. If you want 15 gallon or larger trees, we have a huge assortment. All plumeria cuttings for sale are cut to order and ship in one week or less.


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plumeria trees1
Plumeria Grove 2
15 gallon plumeria trees
15 Gallon plumeria trees
plumeria trees
Plumeria Grove